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A safe place to store your cash, jewellery, family heirlooms, valuable documents and other treasured possessions offers huge peace of mind.

Safes for the home do not have to be the large heavy types that you would typically find in a commercial premises or a bank. There are many types of safe available which can be fitted in walls and under the floor, or you could have a small jewellery, or data safe, bolted to the floor. As well as keeping your valuables secure they provide you with the peace of mind that is all important.

Safes for the home can be supplied with key, combination or digital locking and biometric fingerprint recognition.

Types of safe available:

  • Freestanding Safes
    These safes usually stand directly upon a floor and can be bolted down from inside to the floor or a wall. Recommended for an insurance £4,000 cash rating and up to 30 minutes of paper fire protection. They can have combination and electronic lock option with an automatic tamper lockout.
  • Floorboard Safes
    These safes fit securely between joists in your floor fixed into position with coach bolts and can then be completely hidden with carpet or a rug. They can be provided with a pick resistant 7 lever lock, a deadbolt to prevent it being prised open and they can be flock lined to protect the items kept in it.
  • Underfloor Safes
    We can supply and install various types of underfloor safes which are fitted into the floor and cast into concrete. With a cash rating of up to £10,000 and manufactured to ISO 9002 standard these safes have anti drill plates.
  • Wall Safes
    Secure, space saving and easily hidden, wall safes are cemented into a wall. Available in 2, 3 or 4 brick sizes and in a variety of colours, they have pick resistant double bitted lock, a 5mm heavy duty steel door and are available with key, combination lock or electronic lock.

Safes come in varying qualities and by quality we mean how resistant they are to attack. The higher the level of cash or valuables being kept in the safe, the better the quality needs to be. As quality increases, then generally the body of the safe becomes thicker as does the door. This is due to more barrier materials being used in construction to impede attack. As quality goes up, so does size and weight.

Insurers categorise safes in relation to the protection offered, the categories vary depending upon whether the risk is private or commercial. As rule of thumb Insurers multiply the cash rating given to a safe by ten to give the level of jewellery cover for private risk.

What size of safe do I need?

Size will depend upon what will be stored in the safe. It is worth gathering items together and then decide what space will be required. Are paper documents being stored? What about your valuables, will they be stored in their boxes? Safes can also be used for storing data devices such as CDs and USB sticks although not all are suitable for disk drives. We can explain all the options available to you.

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