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Christmas Greetings

Wishing all of our customers a very merry Christmas from the Hillis Security team

Christmas is nearly here and the decorations are already going up so the Hillis Security team would like to give all of our customers some advice about the effect decorations may have on your intruder alarm and/or CCTV system.

No doubt a lot of artistic thought has gone into where you have hung and placed your Christmas lights, garlands and hanging decorations and we are sure they all look lovely, twinkling as they move in the air; however few people consider where they are placed in relation to movement sensors and cameras.

This time of year there are significant increases in false activations from alarm systems due to Christmas decorations. Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid false alarm activations so hopefully the only bells you will hear ringing are Santa’s sleigh bells.

  • Avoid hanging decorations near movement sensor areas as slight movement when the alarm is armed could result in an activation. Make sure these decorations are placed out of the line of sight of the sensor.
  • Helium balloons! They seem to have a mind of their own, floating around the room making a beeline for movement sensors. We suggest tying them down low when the alarm is set or better still tucking them securely out of the way maybe in a cupboard.
  • Central heating can move decorations and cards without anyone being in the house. Try not to place them directly above radiators. Cards and decorations hanging above radiators are the most common cause of false activations at this time of year.
  • Be careful not to obscure CCTV cameras when hanging your decorations.
  • Also remember not to place decorations near heat or light sources as paper and card can be extremely flammable. Candles particularly should be kept far away from cards and especially kept away from the Christmas tree and any other plants or flowers.
  • If you are going away over Christmas, be sure that if you have someone checking in on your house, they know how to deactivate the alarm and what to do if it does go off.

This advice is also very important for businesses as they are often left unoccupied for longer over Christmas and normally with their decorations left up. It wouldn’t be very convenient to have to go out and investigate an alarm activation at the office in the middle of your Christmas lunch.

Finally, those with monitored alarm systems should also take extra care as too many false activations could result in the loss of your monitoring privileges.

All that remains if for us to thank you for your business and loyalty in the past year and wish you a safe and secure Christmas and New Year.

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